Deep in the heart of Africa, curiosity beckoned, drumming louder and louder, until that destiny-altering moment, where we find Kudzai King, purchasing his very first camera, a vintage film camera. It was the gripping works of acclaimed photographer, Michele Huddy-Fortmann, which ignited Kudzai’s shift from male modeling to photography. Having captured Kudzai with her lens in many of her works, Michele would then go on to mentor him, until he was ready to go out into the world.

Kudzai moved from Harare, had a brief stint in London and then Cape Town, where he blossomed and established himself as an award-winning photographer. Then, hearing the drums yet again, he took the big leap to the big apple, New York City, where he presently works and resides. The rest is a dream unfolding.

Publications: Vogue Italia, Elle Magazine South Africa, L’ Officiel Lithuania, Cosmopolitan Mexico, CNN Style, Mob Journal, and many more.

Brands: Audemars Piguet, Helmult Lang, Theory, Chanel, Alexandra McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Jennifer Fisher, Longchamp,
 Bottega Veneta, David Yurman, Kate Spade, and many more.